Animal Magic!

Not so much a blog this week, more a trip around the zoo with us. Miss F is turning 18 this week and she asked if we could visit our local zoo which is Banham – about a thirty minute drive away. The last time we went was for her thirteenth birthday and we took one of her friends, Miss E. As the two are still great friends we asked Miss E if she would like to relive that day, She said, absolutely, so this morning we piled into my little car and off we went.

The weather forecast wasn’t great. Showery rain and dull, but we had stout footwear and waterproof coats. Luckily, the torrential downpour they forecast held off until we were walking back to the car at the end of the day. The quick light showers were brief and easily avoided by going into the covered attractions and having lunch.

We had a great day. We took lots of photos and following are the best of the ones from Miss F’s phone and my trusty old camera, which I hope you enjoy.

I’m on holiday now for another ten days and we will be celebrating Miss F turning eighteen this week and I will be preparing the house to advertise for another lodger so I will have lots to talk about next Sunday and time to write my blog. I worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday last week, and then of course, we went to the zoo today so I had no time to write it and not much to talk about.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and look forward to having a proper chat with you all next week.

Fat Iguana
Giraffe – I love how close we can get to the animals
Such weird looking creatures, giraffes
sleeping snake hanging from a branch
Not sure what this is, but it was very curious about us
fabulous indoor waterfall
leading into a pool for wildlife
we caught the attention of a tiger
who came to take a closer look
spider monkeys
tortoise – lot bigger than our baby tortoise Poe
baby Brazilian guinea pig
The birds of prey demonstration is my favourite
beautiful eagle
a pair of curious camels
pretty flamingos
and there’s always ring tailed lemurs
adorable otters – think it was dinner time judging by the amount of noise they were making!
what is it with cats and boxes?
Llama – I kept my distance in case he spat
Little donkey, little donkey
the white bird is a spoonbill and the red ones are just fabulous dahling!
zebra – eyeing up the keeper and hoping he had food
baby bunnies – so wanted to cuddle them!
red kangaroos having a bit of a rest
gibbon sporting a lockdown haircut
He’s got legs!
and finally, absolute star of the show, the one-eyed snow leopard

That’s it for this week. Hope you’ve enjoyed all the pictures. Wherever you are in the world and whatever you’re doing, stay safe and stay happy.

Julia Blake

2 thoughts on “Animal Magic!

  1. So much fun looking at the zoo pictures. It was nice your daughter’s friend could once again join. That one-eyed snow leopard is amazing. I didn’t see the snake at first. Thought it was a clump of leaves. Observing animals is always so relaxing. Glad the worst of the rain held off till the end of the day.
    Haven’t been the zoo in some time. The Bronx zoo is about an hour’s drive from here. It would be a good outing with my granddaughters. I think they went once with my daughter. I used to go often as a child. We lived in the Bronx the first five years of my life and then moved across the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey. So visiting the zoo was a regular part of my childhood.
    Now I’m surrounded by woods. But I see a lot of wild life out my window and in my yard. All gentle types mostly, except for a visit this summer from a very large black bear. He stopped to eat some nuts and seed I left out for the fox and squirrels and took a two hour nap by our garage door next to the food after eating most of it. Now I only leave the food inside the gating I had put in to inclose part of the backyard. I haven’t seen him again. Thankfully.
    Have a great birthday week with Ms. F and enjoy your holiday.

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    1. A bear? Oh my! That would have terrified me. The zoo was enormous fun, if very expensive. I know zoos have had a rough two years though and have had to put their prices up to try and recover lost income because of the pandemic. You should take your granddaughters to the zoo though, they’d love it.


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