10 thoughts on “Banned from Instagram! My Musings from the Naughty Step.

  1. Oh Julia, what an awful week you’ve had. Hopefully now everything will be fine. I must admit I woke up this morning and sitting in bed with a cuppa as I do at the weekend, I found myself reading the blog as I always do on Sunday morning! Nothing unusual there !!! But then I thought, what happened to Saturday, did I miss it 🤣🤣🤣 no I didn’t 😁 you were a day early posting your blog. You did have me wondering if I’d slept a whole 24 hours and missed Saturday 🤣🤣🤣 Have a great week xx

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    1. I’m so sorry about my oopsie with the days! I’m so used to putting the blog up on a Saturday so scheduling it for the next day, so when I did it on a Friday instead I completely forgot when I was, if you know what I mean.


  2. I’ve never heard of anyone being banned from Instagram, you are the first. But it doesn’t surprise me. Instagram is part of Facebook now, and this is exactly what they do. No follow-up, no explanation, you are just kicked out. Luckily, I’ve not had it happen to me – yet, there is always a first time. I did however, once accept their invitation to invite friends to join a group. Then they banned me for inviting too many!

    The ants story made me laugh and certainly lightend the mood after frowning at Instagram and Facebook.

    How do you sell books on Instagram. I never have. I think I need to watch what you do more closely, lol!

    Thanks for another interesting blog post.

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    1. You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it. I’m afraid bans on Instagram are a very real and regular occurrence. I know of several people it’s happened to. One person was banned for seven months, no reason, no explanation. As to selling books on Instagram, I just post about them and promote them with attractive pictures and enticing teasers. I certainly have a lot more support on Insta than on FB. I never sell any books really on FB, people seem to be on there mostly to moan and complain about others.

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  3. Instagram should tell you the reason for your banishment so that you have a chance to defend yourself. Given the other times this has happened, to a lesser extent, something is definitely stinky in Instaville. I hope it never happens again, but if it does, maybe you should rally the troops. I’m up for it and I bet others would be too.

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  4. I know what you mean! While I’ve never been banned entirely (🤞🏻), for a good 2 years now my best friend and I have been unable to follow each other. When we search for each other’s handles, it’s like we don’t even exist – no results at all. One day we were merrily liking each other’s photos, the next we had completely vanished.
    Plus it’s true, it is easier to contact God than Instagram! We’ve never had a single reply from them explaining why we can’t follow each other. It’s infuriating.
    Great blog post! Glad to hear we’re in this together 😅

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    1. That’s terrible! I wonder why you can’t follow each other. How bizarre. I’m very relieved I have my account back but it has made me realise how fragile it is and that Instagram could take it away permanently and there’d be nothing I could do. I am going to look at other platforms and who knows, maybe something positive will come out of the whole experience.


  5. I’m so sorry you went through that, Julia. Social media policing is completely absurd. It’s far too easy to run afoul of unspecified rules, and if someone is being a snowflake and doesn’t like something you post, all they have to do is tattle to The Powers That Be, and you get punished for nothing. Very frustrating.

    I’m also sorry I didn’t realize what was going on with your giveaway until it was too late, otherwise I would have helped, too. I’m so glad the community rallied to your side. It’s one of the reasons I love Instagram in particular! ❤


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